About Me

mark Tue, 11/05/2013 - 21:41

My name is Mark Miller, Thank You Visiting my site/store. I have a great passion for wood turning I love it! I have been a wood turner for about 10 years; I started out doing spindles for Furniture. I then started making Pens and Mechanical pencils from different woods 10 years ago; I branched out to making Bowls, Pepper mills, and wooden Bangles for the Ladies. I ungraded my lathe to a larger one so it could accommodate larger logs and blanks. Some of the wood I use is free (domestic woods), but getting the fresh logs (right off the tree, also I never cut down a tree for the purpose of getting the wood) working with wet wood is usually the first step in turning a Bowl or any other Turnings. After rough turning the log I have to let the wood dry. It is a very labor intensive method of getting the wood dry enough and stable enough to finish. About 95% of the wood that I use for Pens/ Pencils is exotic wood from different parts of the world and I purchase these woods locally.  Well enough about the process of Turning I will be putting more articles about that subject in my Blog the future. I had a website a couple of years ago but I wanted something different, I wanted a site that customers could purchase my works from, I am always evolving my work I am now starting to make Hollow Forms eg: Vases, Art pieces etc.